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Chidambaram’s budget prescription

Gayathri, 3rd March 2013, comments

The reformer-crusader Finance Minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, didn’t waste his eighth opportunity to present the Union Budget, the last full budget before 2014 elections, by helping the rich and giving peanuts to the rest of India. >>


Obama 2.0, the fiscal cliff and another recession?

Gayathri, 13th December 2012, comments

The fragile economy was the decisive factor in the 2012 Presidential race. People accepted Obama’s handling of the economy and decided to stand with him. However, a major challenge for the victorious President and also the houses of Congress is the looming fiscal cliff that threatens to deal a heavy blow to the American economy >>


Syria: A conflict well beyond a civil war

Gayathri, 2nd August 2012, 2 comments

The Situation in Syria is turning from bad to worse. President Basher al-Assad appears to be truly besieged, but he shows no signs of giving up. Will he triumph in the end or quit after leaving the country in a complete disrepair? >>


Common man the Greek : Story of the working class in this debt stricken world

Gayathri, 26th May 2012, 1 comments

Ancient Athens is considered to be the cradle of European Democracy. Modern Athens is threatening to become the grave of capitalism. If one regards democracy to be the right of the broad masses to determine their own destiny, or even just the composition of the government, then there is no democracy in Athens. There is no longer the pretence that the sovereign power is the people. It’s rather the 'troika', consisting of EU, IMF and ECB (The European Central Bank). They are trying to impose their own austerity measures on us. Our country is becoming the test site for an extreme case of neo liberal social engineering. >>

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